1. Indoor and outdoor air quality: A university cafeteria as a case study

2. Source apportionment of PM2.5 and PM10 by Ionic and Mass Balance (IMB) in a traffic-influenced urban atmosphere, in Portugal

3. Physical and chemical properties of non-exhaust particles generated from wear between pavements and tyres

4. Aethalometer measurements in a road tunnel: A step forward in the characterization of black carbon emissions from traffic

5. Impact of wood combustion on indoor air quality

6. Household Dust: Loadings and PM10-Bound Plasticizers and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

7. Geochemical, Mineralogical and Morphological Characterisation of Road Dust and Associated Health Risks

8. Loadings, chemical patterns and risks of inhalable road dust particles in an Atlantic city in the north of Portugal

9. Impact of vacuum cleaning on indoor air quality

10. Settleable dust and bioburden in Portuguese dwellings

11. Emissions from residential combustion of certified and uncertified pellets

12. Cooking activities in a domestic kitchen: chemical and toxicological profiling of emissions

13. Impact of ironing on indoor particle levels and composition

14. Organic profiles of brake wear particles

15. Fingerprinting and emission rates of particulate organic compounds from typical restaurants in Portugal